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   Kennon Crockett    


Kennon is our highly experienced registered engineer!


Kennon Crockett is a registered Civil Engineer as well as Chief Engineer and founder of K Crockett Designs, LLC. For more than 14 years he has provided the highest quality design expertise to Louisiana.


Since Hurricane Katrina Kennon Crockett has spent thousands of hours and late nights volunteering his skills.



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Kennon Crockett



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Like the other residents of pre-Katrina New Orleans, I was busy leading a satisfying way of life in a comfortable, welcoming city. After graduating from Tulane University School of Engineering in 1993, I pursued a successful consulting engineering career. I gained valuable experience in engineering design on large municipal projects. These projects included drainage, roadway, floodwall, sanitary sewer, and other municipal projects. I worked with both small and large engineering design firms and worked in various facets of the consulting engineering field such as technical design, planning, and project management. Just prior to Katrina, I was pursuing another facet of engineering design. I accepted a great opportunity to manage and overseer all drainage capital projects for the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans. During the time I was pursuing my design consultant career, I also pursued a secondary design career in residential and commercial building and construction. This secondary design career developed as my friends and associates began asking me to design their homes and foundations. I especially enjoyed the pro bono work for non profit organizations that I have performed virtually every year of my post graduate career. As the years have past, I have become more and more proficient at designing house plans and foundations of every sort.

 I had a career as a municipal projects design engineer and was fairly busy with my moonlighting work of house and foundation design before Katrina devastated our city. However, like many of my fellow citizens, August 29, 2005, was a very pivotal day for me and my family. While displaced in Houston, I decided that I wanted to have a share in the rebuilding of New Orleans. I returned to my job overseeing all drainage projects for New Orleans. The day I returned to New Orleans, I became involved with Katrina Disaster Relief volunteer efforts. I have inspected hundreds of the homes in New Orleans, Chalmette, Metairie, and other parts of southern Louisiana. I also began to realize that the city governments, in the face of possibly the worst man-made disaster experienced in the United States, are limited in what services  they can provide to the people. The people of New Orleans and surrounding areas need engineering services today, not tomorrow. And my small moonlighting business began to grow exponentially. I soon realized that I could do more to help if I were to offer my services without the impendence of my job overseeing drainage projects for the Sewage and Water Board of New Orleans. I decided to resign that position and devote that time and energy to assisting the people of New Orleans with rebuilding their homes and their lives. Thus K Crockett Designs, LLC was born.

As my history indicates, though my firm is new, I have had  many years of experience offering house and foundation design services to the public as a private practice engineer. Our firm offers the complete package for designing and constructing a house in New Orleans. Our plans are all custom designed and tailor made for each individual client. K Crockett Designs, LLC is a one stop shop for getting you into your new home. I have many years of experience dealing with City Hall Plan Review and Code Enforcement. Our plans are designed to meet the new wind and flood provisions of the Building Codes. As a licensed engineer, I design and stamp pile-supported and other types of foundations. Many individuals are deciding to purchase their house plans from online companies that do not have a presence in New Orleans. What they do not know is that they will have to hire a local Louisiana engineer to review and approve these plans. The local engineer will also have to design a foundation for these plans. Additionally, they will  need a local engineer or land surveyor to provide them with a required FEMA slab height. My firm provides all of these services and more. We provide consultation and correspondence with the City of New Orleans, FEMA, Road Home, and Insurance officials. So let us help you rebuild and return to New Orleans.


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