K Crockett Designs Structural Engineering by a registered Structural Engineer  
   Kennon Crockett    


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Kennon Crockett is a registered Civil Engineer as well as Chief Engineer and founder of K Crockett Designs, LLC. For more than 14 years he has provided the highest quality design expertise to Louisiana.



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Since Hurricane Katrina Kennon Crockett has spent thousands of hours and late nights volunteering his skills.



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Kennon Crockett



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K Crockett Designs, LLC began serving Louisiana in 1998.


More and more people are wisely choosing to oversee the construction or renovation of their homes. By acting as their own General Contractor, they have seen considerable cost savings, as well as, had extensive control over how the home is built and what products and materials are used. Experienced home builders recommend that due attention be given to the planning stage of such a project. They observe that if the homeowner tries to cut corners during the planning process, they save less money and take longer to build.


That's where we can help. We have over 14 years of experience in this field. It is our desire to provide each of our clients with outstanding service. We strive not only to meet their expectations but exceed them. We care about each project and give special attention to the unique concerns of our clients. Whether your project is new construction or renovation, we provide affordable, customized plans that will allow you to get your building project off the ground. The work is done under the supervision of a professional, licensed engineer. We provide face-to-face consultations, house plans, and assistance with permits acquisition.


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We provide extensive pile supported and post tension foundation design services!

We provide structural damage inspections and reports for insurance and permitting needs!

We provide home and business inspections and designs for renovations or new construction!

















We provide insurance reports and reports for permitting!