K Crockett Designs Structural Engineering by a registered Structural Engineer  

K Crockett Designs, LLC is an officially registered Homeowner Construction Representative.  K Crockett Designs, LLC will assist homeowners who are not experienced with the construction process.  Our firm focuses on do-it-yourself clients who either cannot find reliable contractors or who would like to reduce the expense of their construction projects.  Mr. Crockett has been trained by the Louisiana Road Home program (road2la.org) to provide the best assistance in helping Louisiana homeowners manage their construction projects.  We can help you manage your construction project by providing a written scope of work for each task (i.e. foundation, framing, brickwork, etc.). 

Many of our clients who are not experienced with the construction process have asked us if we know of electricians, plumbers, framers, etc.  As a free service to all of our clients and those that visit this site, we have decided to list local contractors and tradesmen that we recommend in the New Orleans area .  We have seen some of their work and were impressed by the professionalism and craftsmanship.  The list provided here is not an exhaustive list of all the trades and professionals that would be needed to complete your house project.  But it can get you started and point you in the right direction. 


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Kennon Crockett



Recommended Contractors

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K Crockett Designs, LLC recommends these contractors for the following services:


Electrical & Lighting Fixtures - Demolition - Plumbing - Handy Man - HVAC - Pile Driving - Home Entertainment and Network Wiring - Metal Buildings and Roofs - Flooring - Concrete Foundation - Framing - Soil Testing - Roofing & Vinyl Siding - Realtor


(Note: This list is provided for referral purposes only. In no way is K Crockett Designs responsible for problems you encounter with these contractors. As always, choose your contractors wisely.)




















We provide insurance reports and reports for permitting!