K Crockett Designs Structural Engineering by a registered Structural Engineer  
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K Crockett Designs, LLC has at it disposal expert subcontractors to provide quality service upon request. (See list below)


Richard Dading

  • Dading and Marques, Registered Land Surveyor, over 25 years of Experience

Charles Flannery

  • AIA, Registered Architect, over 20 Years of Experience

Denise McCray

  • Certified AutoCAD Designer, 5 Years of Experience

James Crocker

  • Civil Engineer, Registered Engineer, Over 20 Years of Experience

George Taitano

  • Engineering Tech

Jared Carley

  • Webmaster


View some of the designs completed by Kennon Crockett below. (These files are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Reader software to view.)



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Kennon Crockett





How does K Crockett Designs, LLC provide the highest quality design and permitting services to southeast Louisiana?

Past Projects

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Kennon Crockett

Kennon Crockett is a registered engineer!

Chief Engineer

Kennon Crockett has designed 50 homes in Southeast Louisiana and inspected well over 100 homes and commercial buildings in the last 14 years. He also has extensive experience with drainage, site layout, and other general civil design areas.

Karen Crockett

Karen Crockett helps us provide the best design services to Louisiana!

Certified AutoCAD Operator

Karen Crockett has gained all of her 8 years of drafting design experience in home design. She is very knowledgeable in providing full house plans and drawings using the latest in CAD technology.

We provide insurance reports and reports for permitting!